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Worcestershire is in central England, falling also within the Cotswolds District. It is largely hilly country with the Malvern, Cotswold, Clent, and Lickey hills. The Severn and the Avon bring water to the region and encourage beautiful natural scenery; the Avon valley is known as the Vale of Evesham. The county became an administrative unit in 1041 after Mercia was taken back from the Danes and was important in the Middle Ages as a monastic centre. The Northern part of the county, with iron and coal deposits, verges into the industrial Midlands area known as the Black Country.

For the visitor, the city of Worcester is a great place to start. It is the capital city of the County of Worcestershire and lies beside the River Severn. The city's fortunes were based on glove making, pottery manufacture (with Royal Worcester Porcelain), salmon fisheries and the famous Worcestershire sauce. The civil war inflicted terrible damage on the city which was the first to declare support for King Charles I; and the last to surrender to Cromwell in 1646. In the second civil war it was the final battle in 1651 at Worcester that finally defeated Charles II.

The city is particularly famous for its magnificent medieval cathedral. Work on Worcester Cathedral started in 1084 and continued unabated for 100 years. In the centre of the exquisite chancel, in front of the high alter, is the tomb of King John. An atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful place to visit.


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