Scottish Borders Holiday Brochure

From the rolling hills and moorland in the west to the gentle valleys and picturesque Berwickshire coastline in the east, the Scottish Borders covers around 1,800 square miles and sits just south of Edinburgh & The Lothians and to the north east of Dumfries & Galloway. Discover the tranquillity of the magnificent rolling hills and lush forests, enjoy action-packed outdoor activities and soak up an enthralling history that features bloody battles, magnificent castles and literary greats.

There are plenty of outdoor adventures to enjoy in the Scottish Borders thanks to its beautiful countryside landscape, which also supports a thriving mix of wildlife. The landscape has also inspired many artists and particuraly writers - explore these connections further throughout the region with attractions and activities such as the Sir Walter Scott Way, a long distance walk from Moffat to Cocksburnpath. Explore the origins of the textile industry in the Scottish Borders and see some of the materials which are still inspiring fashion designers today.

This area has a very strong and colourful history due to its geographical location in the south of Scotland, on the border with England. There are a variety of historic homes and buildings, including the four Borders Abbeys, where you can find out more or even research your family tree to find out about possible ancestors. Learn about the Borders Reviers, a lawless gang, and take part in Common Ridings events which celebrate the local people who took to horseback to try and keep them at bay.

Sample some of the finest local produce which has caught the eye of many visitors, including Queen Victora. Try local seafood and meat, ale and sweets or the fruity Selkirk Bannock.

Find out why the Scottish Borders is often referred to as Scotland’s premier textile manufacturing region, uncover charming coastal towns and quaint countryside villages, exciting events and festivals, an abundance of fine restaurants, cafés and bars and look out for the local wildlife as you go.

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