Battle Holiday Brochure

Historical, cultural and elegantly charming

This charming market town grew up around Battle Abbey and takes its name from the famous battle between England’s would be rulers William Duke of Normandy and the Saxon King Harold. On 14th October 1066, this area witnessed the most celebrated confrontation to take place on English soil – the Battle of Hastings, an event so significant it completely changed the course of English history.

Following the battle William the Conqueror built Battle Abbey – a penance ordered by the Pope for the loss of life incurred in the conflict. Today you can visit the famous English Heritage site 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield and experience the battle through dramatic film, audio tours, interactive exhibits and walking the battlefield.

The town subsequently spread beyond the Abbey walls and today offers a diverse mix of attractions, galleries and restaurants waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. 

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