About Us

Bitesize Britain is a website devoted to providing you with all the UK holiday brochures you might want in one place. After all, holidays are important to all of us and it helps to have a few ideas up your sleeve. We will send up to 6 brochures to any UK address free of charge.

Bitesize Britain is managed and owned by Paul Raybould Marketing, an independent marketing communications company that specialises solely in the UK tourism and holiday industry. Based in Devon, it is run by Paul Raybould who has over 20 years hands-on experience of marketing UK destinations and accommodation providers.

If you are having problems ordering your brochures, you can contact us via email bitesizebritain2@gmail.com or write to:

Bitesize Britain
4 Silver Street Culmstock Devon EX15 3JE

All brochures are separately fulfilled by the relevant tourism authority and delivery usually takes between 3-14 days.